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30 NOV to 21 DEC 2020

(Mon & Thu) 

19:30 - 20:50 (SG Time) - 8 sessions 


30 NOV to 21 DEC 2020

(Mon & Thu) 

19:30 - 20:50 (SG Time) - 8 sessions 


01 DEC to 22 DEC 2020

(Tue & Fri) 

19:30 - 20:50 (SG Time) - 8 sessions 


01 DEC to 22 DEC 2020

(Tue & Fri)   

19:30 - 20:50 (SG Time) - 8 sessions 

About Us

GEOS Language Centre was established on 02 September 1997 at Orchard Tower in Singapore. The core business of the school focused on English classes for the Japanese housewives and businessmen who reside in Singapore. Such service was then extended to Koreans in the early 2000s. Thereafter, the school started to venture into a more International market in the mid 2000s. To date, apart from Japanese and Korean students, we have had students from Russia, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Vietnam and even South Africa.

GEOS Mission Statement

Our company enhances people through business and we contribute to people’s happiness, prosperity and social well-being by making dreams come true in a spirit of cooperation.



A Group of Experienced & Caring Teachers

Barry Fearghal Damien
Head Teacher

He is from the Republic of Ireland. He holds a B.A. in History and Politics, a Masters in American History and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from University College Cork. Before coming to Singapore, Fearghal worked in retail and has a long history of charity and community work. Fearghal's hobbies are music, films, reading and gaelic hurling.

Daniel St Hill Cox
Senior ESL Teacher

He is from the U.K. He believes that learning should be fun and productive. He has been living in Singapore for almost three years. He teaches a wide variety of business and conversational English to a mixture of intensive and part-time students. He is currently responsible for the development and implementation of a number of new writing/conversation courses. He helps monitor the academic assessment of students by meeting regularly to develop end of term tests etc.

Nick Amir Singh
ESL Teacher

Nick has worked in several international schools in Singapore teaching programmes covering the International Baccalaureate (English Language and Literature SL and HL), IELTs and English O level syllabus. He is highly sought-after for his ability to break down complex grammar using custom audio-visual materials and mind maps. He also specialises in correcting pronunciation errors in South-East Asian and East Asian accents using the fundamentals of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Using his knowledge he has also trained several aspiring television hosts to speak with confidence and accuracy.

Melissa Castleman
ESL Teacher

Melissa is from South Africa, and holds Bachelor degrees in Interior Design and Business Management. Before moving to Singapore she worked in Interior Design for 7 years. Melissa has always had a love for the English language and has a TEFL certificate from The TEFL Academy. She loves reading, painting, learning other languages, travelling and experiencing different cultures.

Nora Li Ming Xiu
ESL Teacher

She is a passionate Aucklander (New Zealand) of Chinese descent. She holds a Post Graduate in Business Administration from the University of Auckland, a Bachelor’s Degree in HRM and Business Law from Murdoch University and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from CA International College. Nora is accustomed to working in a multicultural environment that emphasizes inclusion. Prior to coming to Singapore, Nora had a career in hotel management for over a decade, through which she had the opportunity to gain professional exposure outside of New Zealand in the U.S.A. and the U.K. To nourish her linguistic skills, Nora also volunteers to subtitle for TED talk. Nora has recently taken the plunge into a fourth language – French, she hopes to get to a basic conversational level in a year’s time.

Dean Roberts
ESL Teacher

Dean is from England and graduated from The University of Hull with an MBA in investment and finance. Besides working in a wide range of corporate sectors like investment, renewable energies, recycling, and banking for over 15 years, he has been teaching English for 3 years, and in particular loves teaching children and Business English. He believes classes should be interactive and fun with an emphasis on group work and communication. In his spare times he loves sports, travel and continued professional development.  

Tristan Gevers
ESL Teacher

Tristan Gevers is originally from South Africa.   He has a Joint Honors degree in History and Political Studies and a Masters degree in Political Studies.   He also holds a Certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).   Before coming to Singapore, he worked in business management.   In his spare time, he enjoys movies and gaming and is learning indoor rock climbing.   Also, his wife says he should love travelling!

Melanie Cooper
ESL Teacher

Melanie has 4 years’ experience working as an Early Years Teacher in Dubai, UAE, with students between the ages of 2-4. I am seeking a position that allows me the chance to use my experience, love of children and knowledge of learning concepts on an everyday basis. Along with my skills, I will bring a creative, positive energy to the work environment, accompanied by the desire and willingness to work with others to achieve a common goal. 

James Challander
ESL Teacher

He is originally from the U.S.A. and has been living in Southeast Asia since 1994. He graduated from Columbia International University with a Masters Degree in Divinity and received his Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from London Teacher Training College. Having studied Greek, Spanish and Indonesian, he is able to relate to students’ learning needs. He believes that lessons conducted in a lively and creative environment makes learning a rewarding experience.

Rabab Tabassum
ESL Teacher

Rabab is originally from Bangladesh, but grew up in New York. She has a Bachelors in English Literature from Stony Brook University in New York and Masters in English Literature from Rutgers University in New Jersey. She got her CELTA in New York City after teaching on and off for many years. Her other passion is writing fiction and she is currently working on a collection of short stories. She moved to Singapore with her husband and two cats and will stay for two years.

Brian Bromberg
ESL Teacher

Brian Bromberg grew up in the United States where he developed his love of music and the English language. Throughout his time at university, Brian also discovered his love of teaching. Brian earned his BA in music from Illinois State University and his MA from Otago University in New Zealand. In his free time, Brian enjoys learning Mandarin, cooking, and producing records.

Jeff Toebes
ESL Teacher

Jeff Toebes is from the EU and has been living in Singapore since 2013. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Languages and a master’s degree in International Business Communication. He also holds a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA). Having lived abroad most of his adult life, it should come as no surprise that his hobbies include travelling, learning about cultures and experiencing new types of food. Jeff believes that a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment encourages students to successfully improve their language skills.

Andy Chee
ESL Teacher

Andy is third-generation Singaporean, having grown up in sunny Singapore. He is CELTA-certified by the University of Cambridge, has over 16 years of teaching experience, and is experienced in people management and classroom assessment. From 2004 to 2012, Andy travelled around the world and worked in missions. Since returning to Singapore, he has taught adults, children, and fresh university graduates, covering all levels of Conversational English, as well as Business English courses. Andy enjoys studying psychology and learning other languages

Jason Sullivan
ESL Teacher

He is from the United Kingdom. He graduated from the University of Northumbria with a BA (Hons) in Government and Public Policy and received his Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from ITTC UK. Jason has lived in Singapore for over 13 years and has 25 years of experience working in Media and Advertising. In his spare time, Jason is an avid golfer.



Intensive English Course

The Functional English course emphasizes functional English and useful structures for every-day situations. Topics include English vocabulary and expressions related to phone English, travel, weddings, going out for social occasions, luck, art, and politics, and students will be equipped with relevant English expressions, vocabulary, verb patterns and structures that can be used on an every-day basis. General English for functioning in an academic or work environment

The Practical English course covers General English skills including Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening with an emphasis on English for practical purposes. Course topics include English vocabulary and expressions related to law, fashion, sport, money, and jobs, and students will be equipped with practical English expressions, vocabulary, verb patterns and structures that can be used in a variety of settings especially daily life and work. Survival English for practical, every-day life and visiting or living in an English-speaking country

Intensive English (Monday – Friday) 5 days per week
Regular Intensive3 hrs per day
Accelerated Intensive6 hrs per day
Class sizemax 16 students
Morning session9:30am to 12:30pm
Afternoon session1:30pm – 4:30pm
Age group16 years old and above

English for KIDS

The English for KIDS course focuses on the General English skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Topics within the course include vocabulary and expressions related to sport and outdoor activities, clothing, parts of the body, family members, school and classroom language, competitions, and performances, and students will be equipped with practical English expressions, vocabulary, verb patterns and structures that are useful in academic and social situations.

English for Kids (Monday – Friday), 5 days per week
Regular Intensive(3 hrs per day)
Accelerated Intensive(6 hrs per day)
Class size(max 12 students)
Morning session9:30am to 12:30pm
Afternoon session1:30pm - 4:30pm
Age group7 to 15 years old

Study Tour Program

Study Tour Programs - GEOS organises fun-filled and enriching holiday programs for children/teenagers and even adults. Our programs include English instruction and holiday activities. In class, students will learn English and build confidence and teamwork skills. The activities include educational excursion trips to the Zoo, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium and Museums etc...

SPRINT English Course

The SPRINT English course covers General English skills with a concentration on speaking and conversation. Topics within the course include family, personalities, nationalities, jobs, education, literature, health, sport and leisure, travel, money matters,music, and popular culture. Students will learn practical English expressions for every-day conversation suitable for home, work, and school environments. A discussion-based course covering a variety of pop culture topics plus social and business-related issues.

  • SPRINT English (Once or Twice a week)
  • 2 hours per session
  • Class size (max 6-7 students)
  • Morning session – 10:00am to 12:00nn
  • Afternoon session – 1:30pm – 3:30pm

MyTime English Course

The My Time English course emphasizes conversation ability while balancing the General English skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Topics within the course include home life, jobs, nationalities, family, personalities, money matters, education and schooling, literature, health, hobbies and leisure activities, travel, music, and popular culture. Students will learn practical English expressions for every-day conversation and other communication suitable for home, work, and school environments.

  • My Time English (Three times a week)
  • 2 hours per session
  • Class size (max 8-9 students)
  • Morning session - 10:00am to 12:00nn
  • Afternoon session - 1:30pm - 3:30pm

English For Teens


This course focuses on improving the student’s ability to communicate in English with their fellow classmates and their teacher by way of pair and group work in a small controlled classroom environment. It will be a speaking and listening heavy class that aims to make your teenager more confident in their English ability. The class size will be no bigger than six, allowing students time to receive valuable feedback from the course teacher. The lessons will include activities to improve pronunciation, vocabulary and functional skills like giving presentations and giving speeches while also learning every day expressions useful inside and outside the classroom. Each student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the 12 week course.

English for Teens (90 Minutes Per Week)
Class size 4 - 6 Students
Age group 13 to 17 years old
Learning Outcome Your teenager will learn in English how to:
  • Communicate better in English with your classmates
  • Speak in a more confident way
  • Learn useful and important every day expressions
  • Give presentations and speak in front of an audience


GEOS has moved to the new location: 178 Clemenceau Avenue. Haw Par Glass Tower, #01-00. Singapore 239926

GEOS Star Student

Hironari Matsumoto - Japan

I had a two week class in GEOS Singapore this time, Mainly, I learned English that can use in business. The class was so active. I couldn’t speak English so well but I challenged to speak it because of that. I want to learn English in GEOS Singapore again.

Jung Su Rin (Korea)

While I've been learning English in GEOS, I've improved my English impressively. Teachers I've met here are wonderful and approachable. Also, I could see they make a lot of effort to teach their students.

Every lesson is full of useful English so that I can acquire a lot of expressions, grammar, vocabulary. Also, there are many chances that I can get a correction and feedback. In addition, the staffs are friendly and nice and they are willing to help students! Luckily, most students I've met here are highly motivated so it made me carry on studying English hard. I'm happy that I've learned English here and finally I can see I've achieved a lot! Thank you GEOS!!

Muran Zhalumai (China)

我作为 Muran Zhalumai 的母亲对GEOS学校的教育非常满意。 我的女儿在这里学习的时间是4个星期。 她在这里学习的期间觉得轻松愉快。

Naoya Hitsuishi (Japan)

In GEOS, I join some programs and all of them are fun. For example, my teacher makes funny subjects and when I don’t understand what to say, he helps me gently. So I like the lessons. I like to study English at GEOS.

Shchezhina Oxana (Russia)

GEOS is very good and everyone who studies here is very happy! The teachers make learning English very interesting and fun. The location is really convenient because it’s the city center.My daughter enjoys studying in GEOS

Meryem Lackmann (Germany)

I really enjoyed my time in GEOS. All teachers are very kind and friendly. I am happy that I chose GEOS to improve my English.

Florence Jouffrais (France)

I enjoyed to coming here. I met a lot of people and I appreciated a professional teacher.

Irina Kobrine (Russia)

Thank you for the classes in GEOS! I have had a great time. I’ll be back next year to continue my education.

Monika Augustyniak (Germany)

I had the best teacher ever :)

Elena De Raffael (Italy)

This experience is amazing. I did 3 weeks at GEOS and my English is better than before. The teachers are very good and they are all native speakers. I'm very happy about this experience. Thank you.

Sina Peyer (Switzerland)

GEOS was a very good experience. I have improved my English very much. A very nice school with friendly teachers. I had a really great time.

Miriam G. Gallego (Spain)

It has been a great experience learning English at GEOS. All of the staff and teachers are efficient and friendly.

Alejandra Meza F (Chile)

I really enjoyed my stay at GEOS.When I started my classes I thought that I wouldn't learn too much but now, I am able to speak, write and listen to English very well. I met people from different countries. I recommend GEOS, the teachers are excellent. Congratulations GEOS for your outstanding language teaching.

Elisa Diaz Malla (Spain)

GEOS in my opinion is the perfect place to learn English. Classes are fun , enjoyable and time passes quickly. In addition to learning a language, you learn new culture as students are from different parts of the world. I don't know other teachers but Daniel makes it possible to go to class everyday with interest.

Yun HyeWon (Korea)

Thanks to GEOS, my English has improved a lot as doing a variety of practices. Studying in GEOS, I got to know diverse foreign country of culture and differences. Fortunately, there are europeans in my class. Having a chat with them, I came to know about the different cultures between Europe and Asia. It was good for me to meet many kinds of foreigners that I have never met before.

Arthur Clere (France)

My name is Arthur from France. I came to GEOS to follow an intensive training in English. Immediately, I felt at ease. Everybody is very friendly and international, the teachers from UK, US, Canada are really interesting and I became friend with most of my classmates.

Masaki Nakayama (Japan)

This was my first class in which students from many countries study English together and I should use only English to communicate with others. So, at first, I was a bit confused but I got used to speaking English. I think my speaking and listening developed through these lessons.

Elena Shamova (Uzbekistan)

GEOS is very good Language Centre for learning English. I have been studying here about a few weeks and I am happy to improve my English with professional teachers.

Gracila Antonia Mattei (Brazil)

When I moved to Singapore, I didn't have a good English and my communication skill was bad. After studying at GEOS, I have improved my language and now, I'm able to talk and express my ideas.

Pathra Lanegoon (Thailand)

GEOS is the best language centre for me. Before I started my course, I was pretty weak in English but studying here is very helpful. The teachers are excellent and the education we got is very good. I met friends from different countries. I really enjoyed studying in GEOS.

Rivera Rendon Juan Jose (Colombia)

I would like to say that GEOS is an excellent school, great teachers and I learned a lot of things. I have enjoyed so much. Thank you GEOS for all the support.

Elisa Format (France)

GEOS is an amazing school to enjoy your trip in Singapore and learn English. Everybody in this school is nice, special mention to Colin, the best teacher ever. He is dynamic and be sure you won't get bored. I also want to thank Evelyn who's joyful and welcoming. I 100% recommend GEOS!! Thanks for all!!

Luiza Fernandez Ries (Brazil)

Study at GEOS Language Centre was an amazing experience with the help of my excellent teacher, Colin. I managed to achieve my goal to improve my English and increase my vocabulary. I also could meet different people and make several friends from different countries. I will take this experience for the rest of my life.

Lee Li Jie (Malaysia)

Actually, at first, I just want to look for a place which can make me speak and practice but I think GEOS and teacher, Colin, has given more than what I wanted. My English vocabulary and pronunciation have improved, even my grammar. There wasn't any stress during the lesson. It is a nice place for those who want to learn English.

Milan Suchánek - Czech Republic

I like that I came this lessons. For me, it was very comfortable work with my teacher. Nigel gives friendly lessons. Result is improving my English.
Thank you for this opportunity. I am glad to come and will recommend Singapore and GEOS to my friends


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